We are a team of four who bring together specialised creative and practical skills. We use a range of light sources, daylight and light boxes. We have gas and electric kilns, use an extensive range of lead cames with a great variety of profiles and sizes for our work, especially for the re-leading of windows. We also have a comprehensive stock of mouth blown 'antique', flashed, streaky and obscuring glass perfect for finding that special touch with a new commission. 


About half of our work is concerned with routine re-leading of windows, vandalism repairs and all types of ecclesiastical conservation of historic stained glass. The glass is photographed and recorded as necessary and worked on using methods and techniques in accordance with the best conservation practices. 


We utilise 'isothermal glazing techniques', where original historic glass is remounted internally in metal frames and sympathetic leaded glazing is re-fixed in the original glazing position. This achieves the objective of removing the precious glass from the elements and the risk of vandalism. We also undertake the removal of leaded and stained glass from private houses, public buildings as well as churches.




Stained Glass Restoration
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Re-Leading Windows
Re-Leading Windows